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ABC Fashion Show! Exploring the Alphabet in fun new ways at MCS

Mastery of the alphabet is the key to reading and writing, so Kindergarten teacher Kari Bonnema began this school year with a fun, interactive ABC Bootcamp for her students.  For the first 26 days of school, Kari’s students focused on one letter each day.  “Training” each day involved charting pictures for each letter, exploring sounds and actions to pair with the letter, practicing writing each letter, and engaging in fun alphabet games.   Students were also encouraged to bring 1 item from home that started with the letter of the day.

Parents were able to celebrate their child’s ‘graduation’ from ABC Bootcamp at a fun program that began with an alphabet fashion show!  Each student walked individually down the “catwalk” modeling a paper vest pasted in different pictures reflecting their letter.  They then pointed to and named items on their vest  – ‘Trumpet’, ‘T-Rex’,  & ‘Tray’ for example – while striking a pose.   At the end, students joined together to sing and act out the full alphabet.  They demonstrated that they both had mastered the letters and had fun doing so!  Parents and children closed the program by reading their alphabet books together and enjoying a snack.

“I want my students to open their eyes to the alphabet that is all around them and have fun discovering it,” Kari explains.  Learning should be fun at any age, but especially in Kindergarten!


“Beyond Academics”


Give them the gift of Christian education because Christ-centered education at West Michigan Christian Schools goes Beyond Academics. It gets to the heart of what matters. From preschool through high school, our students learn who Christ is, what He says about our identity, how He impacts every part of our lives and why we live to serve Him.

The legacy of Christian education is an endowment parents give to their children; one that will affect your great grandchildren and generations to come. It’s an investment in their future. Training them up according to the Scriptures is a divine directive, a call, that all parents have been given.

All four of our schools, Grand Haven Christian School, Muskegon Christian School, New Era Christian School and Western Michigan Christian High School and Middle School, are enrolling now for the 2017-18 school year.

For more information about WMCS, the Lakeshore’s PK-12 Christian School system of choice, contact us today!

Experience Spanish Immersion at MCS!

It’s truly amazing!

I dropped into a Spanish Immersion first grade class at Muskegon Christian School today and I was in awe of the command these young children have of the Spanish language. When I stopped in, they were enjoying a few indoor recess activities to ‘get the wiggles out’ -check it out!

I was amazed to witness that after just a few years in the SI program, they were talking to each other as easily as it seemed they might in English. (I studied a second language through HS and never spoke as fluently as these children do.) Muskegon Christian School began this program in 2010 and now offers a full Spanish Immersion program K – 6th grade.  The best way to learn about our program is to experience it – call MCS at 231-773-3221 or email us to schedule a time to visit in a Spanish Immersion classroom!