PowerSchool is a private and secure parents’ portal that allows parents to view information specific to their children while protecting their children’s information from others.

We shifted to this new software this year and are still in the onboarding process. Eventually you will be able to view academic information such as your child’s grades and attendance amont other items. Thank you for your patience as we migrate to the new system. We will communicate with you once the transition is complete and access to all the data is possible.

To access West Michigan Christian Schools’ (WMCS) PowerSchool CLICK HERE.

Questions about PowerSchool? Please call the Muskegon Christian School office at 231-773-3221 or email us.

Enroll (Current MCS Families)

All RETURNING, constituent families with students Preschool through 6th grade will have priority enrollment until April 1.  After this date, enrollment will be “first come, first serve” until capacity is reached.  PLEASE NOTE:  $100 Enrollment fee will be assessed to all families who enroll AFTER June 1.  Please complete your enrollment before this date.  Early enrollment helps us more accurately plan and budget for the coming year.  The $100 enrollment fee will be in addition to the $100 deposit, so enroll early and save!

To ensure we have up-to-date, accurate information we would like all families to complete our online enrollment through West Michigan Christian Schools’ (WMCS) PowerSchool.  After logging on to ParentsWeb, click on “Family Information” on the left side menu bar, and then click on Enrollment/Reenrollment.

If you need assistance with our online enrollment process, call the Muskegon Christian School office at 231-773-3221 or email us.

If you are paying full tuition, you may complete your entire enrollment online.  If you qualify for a tuition adjustment, complete the online forms and call the Muskegon Christian School office at 231-773-3221 or email us to schedule your enrollment appointment.  Day and evening appointments are available.

2019 – 2020 Tuition Rates

The full tuition rates are as follows:

  • Grades 4-6                                                   $6,065
  • Grades K-3 (5-day kindergarten)               $5,750

Preschool & Pre-kindergarten tuition rates are as follows:

Half Day                      Full Day

2 Day               $1,100                         $2,200

3 Day               $1,650                         $3,300

4 Day               $2,200                         $4,400

5 Day               $2,750                         $5,500

If requesting a tuition adjustment, please bring the following to your appointment:

  • Copy of current 1040 Tax Form or other evidence of recent income
  • Driver’s License and Proof of Insurance (for volunteer drivers)
  • Copy of Child’s Birth Certificate (Kindergarten only)
  • $100 Enrollment Deposit (per family)

Hot Lunch  

Muskegon Christian School Lunch

Hot lunch is offered every day at MCS and we are excited to partner with parents to encourage healthy eating habits in our students.  We have a couple of initiatives to make healthy eating more ‘palatable’ for our students:

Challenge Accepted!  If you wander down to the cafeteria you will see a sign onto which only the bravest will be named. A ‘challenge food’ will be set up every other Monday. The students that try and eat the ‘challenge food’ will go down in infamy with their names on the board.  Challenge foods might include fresh avocado, celery with sunflower butter, and other nutrient-rich options that might be new to our students.  Encourage your kids to try it and ask what they thought afterward.  Our teachers will also dialog with students before challenge foods are offered to encourage participation.   We hope to see many brave names on the sign!

Salad Bar

Muskegon Christian School lunch program salad bar healthy eatingWe are setting up a salad bar! Our hope is that we can eventually offer this option every day to our students.  We are looking for ways to make this happen soon.
We ask that our parents encourage healthy snack and lunch options for students as well.  Partner with us to raise up healthy young bodies and minds.  Thank you!

We participate in the federally funded Free and Reduced lunch program for qualifying families. Call the Muskegon Christian School office at 231-773-3221 or email us for more information on registering for this program.

Current families can log into PowerSchool for the monthly hot lunch menu and lunch account balances.


SCRIP (T.R.I.P.) is a volunteer-run program that helps you pay down your tuition while you shop!  There are over 500 local & national retailers that participate.  Those retailers sell gift cards to MCS at a reduced rate, we sell them to you, and you redeem them, at full face value. The difference between the MCS purchased price and the face value is then credited to your tuition account.

SCRIP orders may be placed online CLICK HERE, call the Muskegon Christian School office at 231-773-3221 or email us for the school enrollment code.  We also have a large selection of cash & carry gift cards available from our SCRIP office.

The MCS SCRIP office is open on Wednesdays from 8:00 AM to noon.

For more information call the Muskegon Christian School office at 231-773-3221 or email us.


There are many ways you can volunteer at MCS, including:

  • PPO Committee
  • Large-scale mailings
  • Special events including the Auction and Golf Outing
  • Friday Prayers and Projects Crew
  • DIBS! On Resale
    All the profits from DIBS! On Resale go to support the 4 WMC Schools- Muskegon Christian, Western Michigan Christian, Grand Haven Christian, and New Era Christian.  They would love for you to volunteer!  More information is available on the DIBS! Facebook pagetheir website or by calling (231)798-2252.

Your service makes a huge difference in our school!  All MCS families are asked to volunteer 20 hours of their time (10 hours if they have students at WMC or single parent families) at MCS.  Volunteering at DIBS! On Resale qualifies for these hours.  Please call the Muskegon Christian School office at 231-773-3221 or email us for more information on volunteering.

CLICK HERE to download the Volunteer Record of Service Hours Sheet.


The MCS blog is the information hub for all major events, news, and happenings at Muskegon Christian School. Visit the blog regularly to keep in the know.

CLICK HERE to go there now. If you still have questions after perusing the blog, please feel free to call the MCS office. There’s always someone there happy to serve during school hours.