Muskegon Christian School



Here at MCS, we strive to put our faith to action in tangible ways. This includes leading by example and giving the students opportunities to worship, talk about God, and partake in community outreach programs together.

Praise Service 

On Friday mornings we gather as an MCS community for Praise Service.  Students take turns leading our Praise services (usually by grade) and have opportunities to lead in prayer, scripture reading and worship. We invite guest pastors, missionaries, and community leaders to grow in our faith.



FLEx Projects

Each class is challenged to develop formational learning experiences throughout the year. Formational learning experiences (FLEx) are active ways students are taking their learning and engaging in the world beyond the classroom. 

Examples of FLEx projects done at MCS: creating a compost area, food drive for local food pantries, appreciation drive by for law enforcement and healthcare workers, quilt making for The Hope Project, Book Drive for a Little Library, Christian Care Appreciation Day, Stories and Interviews with Christian Care residents.


These projects show students how they have an active role in God’s story. 


Each class takes time in their day for devotions and prayer. This time often gives them a chance to slow down and reflect on their relationship with God. Teachers can guide this as a group activity or “quiet time” for personal prayer and reflection. 

The MCS staff also gathers weekly to join together in prayer over each other and our student body. 

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