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Our history with Muskegon Christian School is not very long, but it is very deep.
For us as a bilingual family, it is very important that our children speak both languages and not only that they speak it, but also that they do well academically in both. For some years we knew that MCS had Spanish Immersion and in our hearts, it was always an option, because it had everything we longed for for our children, a Christian faith and our language.
We began to see that every day our little ones lost more and more of their motivation to speak Spanish. Communicating with their grandparents, who only speak Spanish, was almost nil. Along with everything that is happening in our society, in public schools, plus the pandemic, it helped us wake up and decide to focus on what is important – investing in our children, the most precious thing we have, so we decided to do the best thing for ourselves and enroll in the 2020-2021 school year.
We had our youngest son in kindergarten and our next son in second grade. It was a wonderful experience to see how our children began to flourish in their faith in God and the development of their native tongue; it was so natural for them. We are really grateful for the MCS family. Thank you, once again, with all my heart for being an immense blessing to our community.
For all those who are still thinking about it, you should not wait any longer. God blesses our decisions and it is always for the best.

Liliana Burillo
MCS Mom & Staff Member

MCS has always been and will be the school of calling for our kids because it is a place where God demonstrates his sovereignty over all creation. It is a place that is filled with a diverse group of children and families who we believe represent God’s Kingdom. At MCS kids are loved and accepted and nurtured as children of God with a common goal to enrich their lives in order to be disciples of Jesus Christ. We have loved and felt loved by every teacher, leader, and volunteer at MCS. Our kids are challenged academically, socially, and spiritually in ways that are shaping them to be closer to their God as well as be His disciples in a world that clearly cannot get enough of Him.

Rebecca & Scott Systema

My husband and I spent last summer feeling lead to send our two kids to Christian school. Neither one of us attended Christian school and enjoyed our public school education but wanted more for our kids. We could not be happier we made the change. Our children love going every day and we love that they are growing in their faith. The faculty is AMAZING and they made good friends really quickly. We are so blessed to have God front and center in their lives and their education. Their teachers are not only great educators but role models that they will have their entire lives. We could not be happier with our decision to send them to Muskegon Christian and could not be more blessed to have such a wonderful school in our community.

of 2nd and 4th grade students at MCS
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